12 tips to improve your Catholic evangelization

12 tips to improve your Catholic evangelization

Being a devoted follower of God can be strenuous sometimes, especially with the current hardships the world is facing. Regardless of this, people tend to look for help in dire situations, and are more open to listen to different ways of lifestyle. Today, we bring you our 12 tips to lean others into God and guide them to true salvation.

  1. God’s commands should display on your behavior

Ways you conduct your life are constantly being displayed with everyone you encounter. It is important to always apply holy scripture to your daily life, this ensures your behavior speaks for itself and stands out as a righteous and passionate for God. In summary, it attracts people especially if you showcase it with a smile and good vibes.

  1. Display measure and confidence

Reminding others of God and his ways, especially when the situation calls for it. Whenever you face moments that merit a nasty reaction, like anger, stress or anxiety, keep calm and remember the scriptures, not only will it show others your incredible skill of maintaining calm and professional, but it will also wake up their curiosity on how you manage to do it so well. This might inevitably prompt a question on their end, and it’s your moment to shine on bringing them closer to God.

  1. Include God in your daily vocabulary

Thanking God for many blessings, praying publicly even if it’s a short and small prayer can call others attention and intrigue others to speak about religion. Acknowledge God’s gifts throughout your whole day.

  1. Show kindness and legitimate concern for others

Developing good relationships with others can help you be perceived as a more trustworthy individual, it will separate you from the common folk and be marked as a leader, always looking to improve others regardless of the sacrifice you need to make for others. This inevitably attracts people to seek you and gather both advice and help from your end, be sure to tell them that God is your motor to daily living, it’s no secret after all.

  1. Be Humble

We can’t stress enough how important this is. We can’t truly know who will read this article, it can be intelligent, rich, athletic individuals or all their counterparts. Whoever does, we are all humans in the end, and we should always be humble to what God has given us, he will never give us a task we can’t handle, and we should be thankful that we received it. A person that doesn’t display humble attracts bad vies to his surrounding, filling himself with fake friendships and toxic behaviors.

  1. Find common ground

Listen carefully to others about their stories, general interests and complaints. You might find similar environments you both face and will click instantly. People love to be heard and acknowledged, it’s the sole reason we communicate with each other. This opens deep conversations between individuals, which in turn can give access to religious discussion since it is such a profound & personal subject to speak of.

  1. Have the intention of learning about them

Always be on the lookout for question that open and spice up a conversation. Some questions can really set your mind on an endless thinking cycle, prompting interest in others of the subject at hand.

  1. What turned you to faith

Share your own personally story, miracles that you’ve experienced over your lifetime to others. If you bared witness to a blessing from God others around, you should know how it came to happen and how you think faith intervened in a positive outcome for your life.

  1. Invite others into your space

An immediate show of trust lies on an invitation, bringing others into your daily space can prompt a friendship to take off. Bringing people to church service to find faith or hope in life can really help the evangelization to consolidate. It doesn’t have to be a first-time invitation to a place of God, you can start by inviting them to less focused religious activity such as friendly bible study groups or faith camps that involve a more dynamic approach to God.

  1. Be a sponsor

Religion can be confusing at times, and we believe it requires experience. The more you live through it, the more you understand its complexity and values. Whenever you manage to spread the Gospel successfully, be sure to follow up with those individuals, keep in contact with them and provide support for their religious struggles. They have an added trust placed in you, since you were the reason they got close to begin with. Be a good mentor.

  1. NEVER judge

If there is something in this world that can get someone away from you permanently is judgement. We are all not living in the same conditions or have equal opportunity, be aware of this and don’t let yourself be dragged by malicious peers who only use their tongue to view negative qualities of others. Be the difference in their lives, especially people who have felt it for their whole life, they are sensitive to judgements and will not accept it from others. Be kind, respectful and know when you can participate in tough times of their lives.

  1. Avoid annoying people

Unfortunately, religious people are regarded as annoying and pushy, but we understand where it comes from. Sometimes we try too hard to convince others of our belief, we even forget they might have their own. We are walking into people’s personal space and telling them what they should do, this is the worst approach we can have, and we need to understand that sometimes the best course of action is to STOP. Find ways to make them come to you, instead of you looking for their attention forcefully.

To recap, it’s important we modernize the way we evangelize others. Times have changed and so has religious behavior; people tend to not look deep into religion as they used to before. It’s our mission to keep God’s word interesting and show the benefits it has when you apply them throughout your whole life. Be the light. Be bold. Be a modern disciple for God.

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